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Welcome Back!

Welcome back to the knockedupmovie Sponsored Community! The movie Knocked Up, starring Katherine Heigl and Seth Rogen is out on DVD and HD DVD, September 25th, in both single disc and 2-disc Unrated and Unprotected editions, with tons of bonus features! From the director of the 40-Year-Old Virgin comes a film about the best thing that will ever ruin your best-laid plans: parenthood.

Every day leading up to the DVD release, slacker_ben will invite you to answer questions about getting serious, marriage and parenthood. Like before, he’ll give away cool prizes from the movie that will go out to the best responses. He'll also pepper in some trivia questions, favorite scenes and extras from the movie!

He likes me!! He really likes me!!

First, a big ole' congrats to bluedaffodil for helpin' out my buddy on the advice front! Everyone's input was killer though, so thanks to y'all, but Blue, the DVD is yours, baby! Post your e-mail in the screened comment so we can get you your DVD!

Second, DUDES! The DVD comes out tomorrow? Why should we care, you may ask? Well, I'll tell you!

We gotcher deleted scenes, we gotcher commentary, and some other very cool features that you can enjoy in the privacy of your own home. And speaking of which, check out these scenes!!

So, keep taking the polls and answering the questions so I can give away MORE free DVDs!

Today's poll takes us back to the basics:

Poll #1060647 How Do I Know If He Really Loves Me?

Channeling Whitney Houston (pre-Bobby Brown days) of course. How do you know if a dude or a lady is into you?

A smile - always a good sign.
Flirting - good flirting, not skeazy flirting
He pings you on MySpace. You send him a goofy text.
He tells your friends your hot.
You tell his friends he's a big dork. With a nice smile.
He makes a hat for your pet out of pipe cleaners.
You don't hate his friends. That much.
He watches Survivor with you, even though he knows you're just checking out the topless dudes.
She goes to hear your band. You suck. She keeps showing up.
He shows up in your poetry class, even though he hates all poetry that doesn't come from the mouth of Metallica.

Seriously though folks, sometimes, it's really hard to tell if you're getting the friend vibe, or the "I wanna jump you" vibe. How do you tell the difference? And how do guys and girls do things differently?


Ask Ben, and Ben'll Answer, Round II

naava_estelle Asked Ben:

Okay - so sometimes baby accidents happen, but what about planned babies? How do you know when it's time, how do you calm the 'I'm not ready yet's and how would you tell the family? Just curious about your take on things. :0)

Well, Naava (and cool name, btw. Puttin' that aside for kid #2. Ow. Allison just hit me upside the head for mentioning the possibility of kid number 2. She said only when I become equipped to carry it.)

Most people say that there's no "right" time to have a baby. (I think they're full of it personally, but then, look at us.) Right's when it's right - but planning, discussion, having someplace to put the kid when it arrives, having a good support system of friends and family in place, all of that helps.

Mostly, you're never ready - but if you've got a committed partner, a good network of support, and some idea of what to expect when you're expecting, you've gotta head start.

It helps to think, "Okay, I'm ready to be more concerned about someone else's needs than my own." But that comes with practice too, for everyone concerned.

And don't let anyone push you into the decision before you're ready. Kids need lots of love, and the kind of attention that most of us reserve for porn and video games (oh wait, we don't do that anymore). If you KNOW you're not ready, then make sure you're doin' what needs to be done to prevent unexpected consequences.

Remember folks, to Ask Ben. At least one of y'all will win something for it!


This is kinda... delicate

So, since the dudette came along, A. and I have been trying to figure out how she and I fit. Somedays it's stellar, somedays sort of... hard.

The other night we tried to get it on, but first she fell asleep, then I feel asleep, then the dudette made her presence known.

So, for today's poll:

Poll #1060226 Rekindling the Spark

How do we get back to romance after a baby?

Plow through - it'll work out in the end
Talk it out - keep your expectations on the same page
Sex- eventually it'll work
Dating - try to remember what pre-dudette life was like
Other - to be elaborated in comments


Here in So Cal, we're experiencing a deluge. (Huh, deluge. That word of the day thing is TOTALLY paing off). The dudette digs the rain, but we're goin' a little stir crazy, so for all of you out there in the big, bad dry world, a poll:

Poll #1059570 Rainy Day Woman

When it rains I like to

Plug into my iPod, groove along to the raindrops and pretend my house isn't leaking
Play in the puddles, splash and stomp around. Man does my girlfriend hate that!
Stay inside, drink hot chocolate (with rum for the over 21ers), gorge on television
Stay in bed!! But I gotta freakin' work man, so I'm out there sloggin' away anyway while all you slackers stay toasty.

And a question. My buddy's totally into this girl, but he's afraid to tell her in case she freaks out and runs away (and he looks like a loser). They hang out and stuff, and she seems kinda into him, but he's not so sure. He says she gives off mixed signals like a CB to Mars. I mostly think he's just bein' a pussy.

So tell me, oh gurus of internets, what does a bro do? Does he tell her? If so, how? Does he continue to hang, says nothing and sees what happens, or just lets it go?

We Have A Winna, And More Questions

First of all, congrats to malana, winner of the first DVD giveaway contest. Mal, be sure to contact us with your e-mail address to collect your prize.

That's right folks, these contests potentially come with prizes!! You never know which question is going to link straight to a big ol' Knocked Up DVD!! It's like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, although without all the creepy little singing orange dudes.

Although, y'all rock with your Jedi Day Care rules! (Although my buddy S., who shall remain nameless, did suggest that "First, We Do Not Kill the Younglings", should probably be rule number one. Good point, dude). Picking a winner was a bitch!

For today's question, I find that common household objects have taken on new meaning with the dudette. Light sockets are now gateways of death, cupboards might as well be the entrance to Mordor, pacifiers aren't really just for ravers, etc, etc.

So, today's question:
Poll #1059195 You Wanna Do What With the What?

It would be bad to use the baby bathtub as a sled for the dudette, wouldn't it?

Hmmmmm, no, my butt wouldn't fit in there.
Are you stoned, you live in Southern California?
Yes, but wait until winter, when there's fake snow at the Grove!

The baby bather is out of the question, but the following baby paraphenalia would make an excellent skateboard/surfboard/dirt coaster:

Seriously though, what are some super fun things that we can do together - A, and dudette and I? Can't take her to bars, we all sleep through movies, and don't get me started on the abort attempt to eat at Hooters (also, never let your buddies choose a restaurant). Right now, all our dates involve the kidlet. Advice? Recommendations? Kid friendly pool halls?


Star Wars on the Brain

So I've been working with the guys to try and help them start a new site. Just 'cause I've gotta day job doesn't mean I gave up my dreams, man.

After we gave trying to put Star Wars and porn together for fun and profit, we started brainstorming about services that the post-rebellion society would TOTALLY would need. Obviously, as I've got kids on the brain, I started wondering the following?

Poll #1058633 Jedi Day Care

What are the rules at Jedi Day Care?

Bonus real question. A. and I are both gonna have to work a lot to pay for diapers, college, therapy for dad when she starts dating, etc. Plus, A's sister has decided to go back to work too, so our free daytime babysitter just went whooop, out the window.

So, for those of you with kids and jobs, how do you balance kid watchin' and bringin' in the moola?


Ask Ben, And Ben'll Answer

tallichair wanted to know:
Why are people in zombie movies such idiots?

Well, Tall, my friend. When zombie's are created, their decaying flesh gives off these wicked nasty spores that float out into the air, and even the people not affected by zombieism start inhaling the spores. After a little while, the spores start slowly eating away at their brains, making them dumber than your average bear.

But fortunately, not dumber than your average zombie!

pop_squash asks:

My best friend just told me her boyfriend cheated on her for 4 months in the beginning of their relationship. She's devastated but doesn't want to break up with him because they've been together 2 years now. I don't know what to tell her

Whoa, tough one. Asks her if she trusts him now. If she does, they should go talk to someone (someone who's not a bro or a BFF. Someone professional!) and work through their issues. She's gonna need a good friend, someone willing to support her on whatever she chooses to do, but who can ask her tough questions. Listen, and don't judge. And make sure she knows that whatever she decides, you've got her back. It's gonna suck for a long time, one way or another, but they can work through it if they choose. And if they don't, get her brother to go kick his ass. (Not really! I advocate no ass kicking. If I did, it'd routinely be my ass that got kicked).

(A. and her sis talk about this stuff all the time!! I usually just pretend to listen, but some of it actually sinks in, you know?)

Thanks fer playin', and remember to ASK BEN !


Okay, so walkin' the kidlet in the park yesterday, I started to notice that women were totally checking me out!! When I came home and told Alison about it she said it was the kid. Girls dig guys with cute kids!

Poll #1057832 Flirting

Is it okay to use the kid to flirt with hot girls?

You're a moron for asking
Yes, if it's your baby mama!!
Sometimes, but the hot girls really just want to flirt with the baby.

Seriously though, your bonus essay question. None of our friends have kids, and they act all weird when they see us! How do we get them to just hang out and realize that we're still the same people, but now with an extra little dudette?


I'm Back!

 Oh, wait, you knew that already. Seriously though. It's me, I'm back, and I'm a DAD now. She even makes a noise that I swear is "da-da," but Alison says it's just gas. Dude, I know gas. Gas and me are, like, BFFs. That was no gas.

Anyway, I figured we could hang out in this LJ community here till the DVD drops on September 25th (if you had other plans that day, cancel 'em) and talk about how I'm totally a grownup now.  I'll actually stick around through the 29th so we can talk once you've have a chance to check out the DVD.

So, the first discussion topic for today is for all you married dudes out there, and for anyone with married buddies...or anyone interested in helping a brother out.

How does a married guy keep up with his boys and still hang out when he's diapering and drool-wiping twenty-four/seven? Answer: he doesn't. And I miss my crew and want to find a way to make it up to them...without Alison feeling like I'm sticking her with the kid or not being a responsible dad. What should I do?

Best answer will put you in the running for some sort of sweet prize...

Also, I'm starting this Ask Ben thingie where I'm like Dear Abby or something, and you guys can ask me anything you want, about relationships, marriage, babies, your deep personal fears, zombie movies, or whatever, and I'll answer you in my next post. Wicked awesome.


the end of the road

I come bearing lots and lots of prizes!

For slacker_ben's Jedi Master quiz:

karie122 and twofortuesdays

For my quiz on how to know he's a keeper:

momallrat and norabombay

And for the best Knocked Up opening weekend date stories (which were all so great!):

cryingdrunkgirl, r4wrdinosaur, giggleloop, mondomolly, and fallenfireangel, whose answer was so brilliant and sweet I had to make sure you all saw it:

My plan is to take my mom - because if it hadn't been for my great-grandmother getting knocked up and having my grandmother, who was knocked up and had my dad, who knocked up my mom, I wouldn't be here today. I would take her out for her favorite dinner and then to the movie, all in celebration of the good things and people that have come from someone getting knocked up along the way.

And that's all from our end! Someone from LJ will be in touch with the winners to make sure you get your Knocked Up swag.

slacker_ben and I had an amazing time hearing all your stories about guys and girls and relationships and love.

(This is our last post, but if you keep knockedupmovie on your friends list, you might get a sneak peek at our next offspring...)